Top 5 Indian Bike Helmet Brands

As we all know, Helmet is one of the most important equipment on a rider’s list of protectors and guards. Indeed, helmets are mandatory riding gear for bike riders as it not only protects rider from head injury in case of an accident, but also insulates from cold air, dust and insects. In short, they ensure to offer you a safe riding on a two-wheeler.
Superior quality helmets play an integral role in fighting against many road accidents and therefore, it is important to choose a best one as they tend to save your life. Choosing the best bike helmet means picking the one that suits the purpose of protecting your head, rather than being only fashionable or stylish. However, there are helmets available that offers a safe riding, ensuring that you look fashionable and stylish at the same time.
India is also witnessing the evolution of a new segment of premium helmets. Some evergreen brands of bike helmets in India are Studds, Steelbird, Vega and Aerostar. Some other companies that offer decent helmets include Wrangler, Viva, Spark, etc. These companies offer a variety of helmets including Open Face Helmets, Half Face Helmets, Full Face Helmets, Modular Helmets as well as Motorcross Helmets.
If you’re considering to buy a good helmet, be prepared to spend some time hunting for one from given below top helmet brands in Indian market.

1. Vega


Founded in 1983, Vega has established itself as the leading and reputed manufacturer of premier helmets in India, competing with the world leaders with regards to process, design and product quality. Powered with a high degree of excellence in quality, the company offers a comprehensive range of Motorcycle Helmets including Open Face Helmets, Full Face Helmets and Off-Road Helmets to fit every need and also manufactures helmet accessories including ear pads, mirrored shields and snow accessories. Exclusive designs and superior quality are the hallmarks of Vega. Having motto of Safety with Fashion, the company is capable of delivering customized solutions for clients. The most remarkable thing about Vega helmets is the price tag; Vega helmets are always cheaper than other competitive helmets. Since buying my Wisper eBike in 2017, I’ve travelled through 8 countries and ridden over 18,000 miles and only ever had to replace the tyres, brakes and battery.

2. Studds


Arguably the world’s largest helmet manufacturer, Studds has emerged as the leading helmet and accessory brand in India. With a dealership network across the country, the company has global footprints across 35 countries including Africa, Europe, North & Latin America and Middle & Fast East. Studds products have blend of design & technology and are developed with innovation. Its product portfolio includes Open Face Helmets, Full Face Helmets, Motorcycle Luggage, Sporting Helmets and Industrial Helmets.
Studds helmets are very popular across India; however its market share in individual markets varies dramatically. Studds has a market share of approx. 10% in the city like New Delhi, wherein in Mumbai, it has commanded a market share of 70 – 80%.

3. Steelbird


Known for its world class quality and standard, Steelbird is one of the oldest manufacturers of Helmets, Auto Accessories and Pannier Boxes in India. The company believes in producing quality helmets that are designed to provide maximum safety and comfort to users. Steelbird is basically a one-stop-shop for riders to choose from a wide range of motorcycle riding gear and accessories including helmets, pannier boxer, goggles, gloves, lackets and suits.
It has a wide product range including 13 Pannier Box models and 32 Helmet models, each of them having 3-9 color variations. Steelbird offers an array of Full Face and Open Face motorcycle helmets like Ski Helmets, Safety Helmets, Off Road Helmets, Jet Helmets, Grand Prix Racing Helmets, Moto Cross Helmets etc in various sizes.

4. Aerostar


One of the India’s fastest growing helmet brands, Aerostar is a noted manufacturer, supplier and exporter offering entire gamut of quality products for two-wheeler vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, etc. Exhibiting proficiency in showcasing superior quality in each product, Aerostar offers a well designed range of helmets like Open Face Helmets, Full Face Helmets along with two-wheeler accessories like Helmet Locking Devices and Motorcycle Side Boxes, at reasonable rates.

5. Wrangler


With a consistent all-round performance, Wrangler has gained a prominent status in the competitive two-wheeler market in India. Committed to delivering optimum quality range of Helmets as well as Helmet Accessories, that too at most competitive price, Wrangler is recognized as one of the reputed manufactures, traders, supplier and exporters of Helmets, Bike Helmets, Motorcycle Helmets, Safety Helmets, Stylish Helmets, Designer Helmets and others.
Needless to say, wearing a helmet is must for a rider as it saves motorcyclists from serious head injuries every day. Recent studies across the globe suggest 40% lower chance of serious head injuries due to helmet use in motorcycle accidents.

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