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Hero Motocorp’s ambitions to completely close the small spare parts manufacturing and trading industry in order to gain a monopoly on the spare parts market is being strongly protested by the lakhs of parts manufacturers, dealers and mechanics. Crores of people are dependent on this industry for their livelihood.  Here are some photos and videos […] shows consumers how to save petrol money on their Independence Day travels and throughout the year by proper maintenance or replacement of 3 key vehicle parts Top Three Parts that Make Your Vehicle More Fuel Efficient.Before attempting any service or repair on your vehicle, always consult your owner’s manual 1. Spark Plugs – Spark plugs ignite […]

One of the easiest and essential maintenance tasks you can perform on a motorcycle is to change out the spark plugs. Replacing your spark plugs regularly helps ensure that your engine runs smoothly; apart from that, the process can also alert you about other engine problems that might need attention. For eg. oil covered spark […]

You can use the above bank account to transfer or deposit the amount and place an order selecting the direct deposit option on payment options page. You have to send the transaction id or photo of the pay in slip along with your order id, to our support email ie or WhatsApp number 9999551505.

WHERE do you start when you want to modify your bike? A bit of engine tuning first, maybe upgrade the brakes to suit the improved perfor\nmance and as it goes along add rear sets and finish off with a spangly new paint job. But would you add lightweight wheels? For most of us, light wheels […]

Honda will debut as many as 11 models, which is its highest ever at the Auto Expo, the company said in a statement today. The Japanese company will also showcase its last bike for the current fiscal year. So far in FY18, it had launched three new models–two scooters, the Cliq and Grazia and a bike, […]

                                                                    The Auto Expo 2018 will be held at two separate venues as Auto Expo 2018 – Motor Show scheduled from 9-14 […]

Silicon India Features In its 2017 List of Most Promising Automotive Portals. We are the only Motorcycle Parts Portal featured on the list., Delhi based Motorcycle parts portal was recently recognized by the prestigious Silicon India Magazine in its September 2017 issue. 10 MOST PROMISING AUTOMOBILE PORTALS 2017 Company Logo Company Name Company Management […]

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As the name suggests, ‘Windshield’ protects you from wind blast to your face and chest while riding your bike.But there are other major benefits of windshield, specially in cruise bikes used in long rides. Apart from coolest looking motorcycle accessory category,there are other reasons why you should installed windshield on your bike. Comfort and Weather […]

Here’s the must have info about the RX 135s I am listing down some basic differences & similarities between 4-speed & 5-speed versions of RX135 (Includes RXG & RX-Z), which will help people to differentiate & learn more about these legendary series once produced in India. 1. Bore Kit (a.k.a Piston-Cylinder Kit / Barrel / […]