Motorcycle Maintainence Tips

Motorcycle chain maintenance is often overlooked in India; sometimes even official motorcycle service centres skip carrying out this major maintenance procedure correctly. We say major, because it’s the chain that is literally sending the power to the rear wheel of your motorcycle, and a dry or grimy one can significantly affect performance. Well, the good […] shows consumers how to save petrol money on their Independence Day travels and throughout the year by proper maintenance or replacement of 3 key vehicle parts. The CR500 Motorcycle Rack is a high quality rack that can hold all of your motorcycle equipment, making it easier to transport your motorcycle. When looking for a […]

Adjusting the slackness of the chain is as important an aspect of chain care as lubricating is. Over a certain kms done, the chain tends to get loose. Of course, your owner’s manual will have exact requirements for your bike, but the rule of thumb is about 1 to 1.5 inches of slack. Why we […]

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