Pulsar 220 DTSI- How to tighten/ adjusting the slackness of the chain

Adjusting the slackness of the chain is as important an aspect of chain care as lubricating is. Over a certain kms done, the chain tends to get loose. Of course, your owner’s manual will have exact requirements for your bike, but the rule of thumb is about 1 to 1.5 inches of slack.
Why we need to adjust slackness of the chain?
You need slack because as your swingarm moves up to compress for a bump, the chain gets tighter. When a chain is too tight, it will bind on the sprockets, causing quicker wear of both chain and sprockets. A tight chain will also, over time, ruin your countershaft and your countershaft seal (the seal around the shaft that carries the front sprocket) and may even bend the countershaft. Also, a tight chain is more likely to develop tight spots. Tight spots are portions of the chain that stretch at different rates and cause binding between links.

So, why not just run the chain really loose?
Well, too loose and the chain runs the risk of flying off the sprockets. Bad news! Also, too loose causes a lot of slop in the driveline. Example: twist the throttle, short delay, then lurching as the chain snaps tight, then loose until you are under heavy acceleration. Chain adjustments are very important, even though it may not be something you need to do very often.
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