Delhi Scooter Traders Association Managing Body Elections To Be Held On 7th July


The atmosphere of Naiwala Motorcycle Market is very much happening this week, due to Election campaigning. Both the teams are using different channels for convincing the shopkeepers. Lunch and Dinner get together are  being organised, SMS campaigns are being used, Advertisement in Newspapers, distribution of hand bills etc. are a few of them. I wonder if the elected members are going to do some good for the trade in this spirit and fulfill their promises. Let us review the promises made by both teams and the actual need of the trade.

Mr. Anil Kukreja  promises that , he is going to serve the Motorcycle trade community till his last breath and for their well-being he will work till his last drop of blood. Being already in the association as President, he is a experienced man and is a man of word.

He believes in the words of Abraham Lincoln ‘The struggle of today, is not altogether for today–it is for a vast future also’.

The most prominent need of the trade is lowering of VAT tax and simplification of  the VAT filing process. The other needs include dedicated information center for local and outstation business houses, basic amenities like clean toilets and bathrooms, security and stopping the MCD menace (If they can allow weekly bazaars then why cant we use the galis that are being used by the shopkeepers only and there is no flow of general traffic thru them) .

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