How sending SMS notifications to our web store customers can be a differentiator?

People are more likely to read and respond to SMS messages than they are to nearly any other form of communication. Consider that email, which is an excellent way to communicate with customers, has an open rate of about 17.35 percent for ecommerce-related messages, according to MailChimp, an email service provider. In contrast, SMS messages enjoy a 95 percent or better open rate, meaning that nearly everything sent, gets through, according to several sources including FireText, Inc. Magazine, and Mobile Marketing Watch.

Furthermore, about 94 percent of SMS messages are read within 5 minutes or less, again according to several sources, possibly making the medium better for getting a quick response from customers.
Taken together, this data may be a strong indicator that ecommerce businesses should be using SMS. In fact, the only question remaining is how to do it.

“SMS gives you a greater ability to keep customers informed in a way that’s personal and relevant to them, enabling you to engage with them throughout the order process. This not only leads to increased satisfaction – but also increased sales,” wrote of authors of a FireText report, titled “Everything you need to know about SMS marketing to grow your ecommerce store.”

The observations above give us enough reason to start sms notifications to inform the customer about various stages of their orders.

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