We build this portal as a solution to the problems of bike owners that we have observed as an insider to this industry.
The biggest problem for this customer segment is the non availability of complete range of spare parts around them, as its nearly impossible for small/medium sized retailers to keep and maintain a range of 70k plus SKUs for a range of 200+ motorcycle and scooter models. Moreover this is the most unorganized business sector in India which further deters the retailers to build big stores and pile huge stocks in unorganized manner. The customers are unable to find products for bikes that are just launched, or are more than five year old. The customers who have discontinued and classic models are willing to pay premium for the parts they are looking for. The customer segment which is looking for High Performance Parts, Racing Apparels, International Branded Products, Modification Parts and Solutions, have to do a tough job while wasting their time to reach a reliable source even though they are unable to escape the premium amount attached to such products. Counterfeiting is another huge problem that this segment is facing.
Safexbikes is providing a one stop solution to all the above problems of its customers by way of its Domain Specific Business Model, Knowledge Base and well researched and industry focused software.

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