Importance of Motorcycle Windshields


As the name suggests, ‘Windshield’ protects you from wind blast to your face and chest while riding your bike.But there are other major benefits of windshield, specially in cruise bikes used in long rides. Apart from coolest looking motorcycle accessory category,there are other reasons why you should installed windshield on your bike.

Comfort and Weather Protection

Windshield diverts hot and dry air in summer season and will also divert cold and wet turbulent air in winter season.At the same time it protects you from rain, its very difficult to ride in high intensity rain.It act as a shield to high intensity rain hitting your face and chest.It is nearly impossible to ride in intense rain, but with windshield installed on your bike, you can easily manage to ride at a considerable speed.

Wind Protection

After installing windshield,less air pushing your face and body resulting in less faitigue,back pain,arm strain and more comfortable and fun ride.Less turbulence from wind results in more miles you can ride without fatigue.Windshield shows its importance more in long highway rides.

Debris Protection

While riding at night,usually it happens that flying ants attracted towards motorcycle’s beam light and sometimes hit our helmet instead.You can ignore this with windshield installed on your bike.Some strong fiber windshield even protect you from minor head on collision with road side animals or other vehicles.

Windshield is all about its functionality, shielding you from wind,weather and other unwanted materials and looks cool at the same time.But having a windshield which looks cool and do not work properly for you,doesn’t make any sense.Lets check some of the important points which you need to consider while installing windshield on your motorcycle based on its type, height(very important factor) and style you need.

Windshield Fitting To Your Bike

You can find perfect windshiel for your bike to your motorcycle manufacturers shop, if they made model specific windshield.Like Bajaj made specific windshield for its bajaj avenger, Royal Enfield for its all models.But there are other manufacturers also who doesn’t deal with windshield manufacturing.But you can find many variety available in online market or at motorcycle accessories shop near you.But before buying one you need to look for certain aspects in windshield.

Height Of Windshield

Thumb rule for windshield height is,it should come up just to the tip of your nose,when you are sitting at upright on bike seat.This specification will allow wind to have a slip stream affect which makes a slope for wind and go up over your head.


If your windshield height is up too high,over to your nose or line of sight,then windshield will block your view of the road.In rain, windshield can block rain to come over to you but at the same time you cannot see through windshield, if windshield in up too high.


Headlight Curvature: If Install Above Headlight

You might notice that windshield is always fiited above headlight curvature or in close proximity of bike’s headlight.So before buying windshield you have to measure diameter of headlight and make sure that windshield will compatible to headlight.

If Installation Is Above Handlebar

Some windshield attach on handlebar or some motorcycle’s headlight won’t compatible with windshield.In that case you have to mount windshield on handlebar.There is nothing wrong in it,in case of cruise bikes there is sufficient distance between your body and handlebar,hence it will work properly to shield you from wind.Either you can directly mount windshield on handlebar or you can bolt it directly to the bar by drill holes in your handlebar.


No motorcycle accessories without style variant. And you also wants to add more custom spice to your bike.Pick a variant which suits you and your bike personality.But make sure that your variant would be functionally proper and won’t hinder your sight while riding.

Windshield considered as accessory mainly for cruise bikes, but you can find many variants in market for sports bikes as well which is functional at the same time.If you don’t have one, install it on your motorcycle.You will realize its significance soon.

Cheers! Ride Safe.

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