Tips for Safe Motorcycling

Many a times we see motorcycle forums discussing accidents and road safety issues. Motorcyclists face incidents everywhere, be it on long/ short distance rides or during everyday commute to their workplace and back.

Over a period of time and experience Melbourne traffic lawyers have learned how to avoid the avoidable by taking precautions and majors to make our ride safe.


1. BRAIN WORK: Choose your helmet wisely. The helmet should fit your head snugly and not shift as you move your head. Always choose a certified helmet and wear it at all times while riding yourself or as a pillion. Discard the helmet if it is involved in the smallest of crash as it is useless thereafter. Never buy a helmet from roadside vendors but from certified dealers only.
2. DRESS SENSIBLY: Never wear shorts or pants of flimsy material while riding. In case of a fall, the wounds will be worse than when wearing thick material such as denim or your riding pants. Wearing proper riding gear with guards, could be a big savior in case of a crash. Always wear bright clothing with reflective strips while night riding for better visibility which is often taken in to account by  motorcycle accident attorney firms.
3. KEEP SAFE DISTANCE: Maintaining an appropriate distance between you and other vehicles allows you ample time for judging and braking or moving away in case of emergency. Never tailgate or move too close to any vehicle for your own safety and also for others too. And if you’re the one that’s been injured in a rear-end collision, then you might want to hire washington dc personal injury lawyers if you need legal help.

4. LET YOUR EYES SPEAK: Always be seen and make it a point not to remain in the blind-spot for long. Never shy away if the other commuter makes an eye contact. It is a gesture used to get your attention and communicate before the driver makes his move. Similarly you should do the same as you show your indicator (turning signal) before speeding ahead, turning or stopping your motorcycle.

5. BRAKING, IS AN ART: Correct application of the front and rear brakes is not difficult but comes with practice. It should be done together but never too soon and never too fast. Doing so may result in locking of the brakes, skidding or a super somersault!

6. KNOW YOUR LIMITS: Every motorcycle has its limits which are very well spoken of during bike discussions and also on motorcycle forums, read this for the best information. Be savvy with what your bike can and cannot do. Do not push it to its limits ever nor try and push yourself to your limits. For example, while overtaking, judge the speed and distance of the vehicle coming from the opposite direction before you make your move. Just because another bike could speed past does not mean yours can too!
7. SPEED THRILLS BUT ALSO KILLS: Always keep this funda in mind, no matter how good a rider you may be. An unfavorable situation may spring up at any point of time, it may be due to natural causes or due to the mistake of another driver. Always keep your speed in check and follow traffic regulations including speed limits. And if you are the one who has been hit by a reckless driver, then you may need help from a motorcycle accident lawyer buffalo ny to get compensation for your injuries.


In this motorcycle blog are a few basic safety from boston motorcycle accident lawyers you should keep in mind before setting off on your motorcycle.

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