Tips to Choose the Best Riding Gear

Riding long and fast is every other rider’s need today and why not? Considering the speedy bikes which are available now! No harm in giving it your best shot and trying your limits, provided you are properly geared for your Motorbike tours or sport sessions.

Tips Riding Gear

Before actually ordering online or visiting a store to buy a riding gear, do some research on the internet, go through motorcycle blogs and search bike forums for information on the best riding gear available. You may also discuss with forum buddies on bike discussion groups.
In this blog, I’ve listed a few important things to consider before choosing a riding gear.


While searching for the perfect riding gear, safety and comfort are the two main criteria you should look for, keeping in mind your budget for the same. Always remember, color and styles are secondary factors!

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Let us consider crucial points while choosing our riding gear.
1. Shopping List: Basic riding gear consists of a helmet, riding jacket, riding boots, knee guards, elbow guards and riding gloves. List your needs before venturing out into the accessory store.
Size and Fit: Measure your sizes beforehand so that you know your fit when at the store. Be sure of what you want, there are different kinds of fits for different styles of bike riding i.e. Touring, Racing, Off-roading etc.
2. Features of the Gear: Select what suits you the best, fabric or leather. Consider the climatic conditions while doing so. Check for waterproof liners and zippers and also the number of pockets you need. But most importantly, check the safety guards inside for quality and material. In case of an accident, that’s what is going to save you!
3. Durability and Performance: Buying riding gear is an investment and should be done wisely. Do not buy cheap riding gear as it may not provide you with safety in time of need. Buy gear which is meant for durability and performance along with longevity.
4.Look your Best: A wide range of riding gear is now available in markets. Colours, styles and graphics don’t fail to attract any rider’s eye. Never hesitate from buying these products as long as they are good for the job. After all, looks do matter!

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