Who is a biker?

The term biker is being used around very loosely and someone should try and define this to bring some decorum in the house.

So, who is a biker? Is it the guy who sports tattoos? Or the guy in the leather jacket? Perhaps the guy who has more than one bike in his garage. Or the one with really cool selfies with his bike. Is it the guy who chooses to travel to college or work on a bike every day. Or the guy doing stunts to impress girls? Is it someone who couldn’t afford a car? Or another who takes his bike only to have chai at night? It definitely must be one of those guys who ride in gangs zipping past you. Or even the ones racing and betting at night ruining your beauty sleep.


Who is a biker? Am I one? Do I do any of the things? Well, yes. I take the pictures, ride to have coffee, will get a tattoo soon. But honestly, I’m not a biker.

I’m a motorcyclist.

Which brings me to my next question… Who is a motorcyclist?

Ride. You’ll find out.

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